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Reliance 48V Solid State Battery Meter & USB Charger

Introducing the most accurate Battery Meter on the market. This new Reliance meter features an advanced self learning intelligence that adapts to your specific battery pack and compensates as batteries age. This unit also features a built in DC/DC conve

Item#: 13-042
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Curtis 36-Volt Battery Gauge (Universal Fit)

Specifications:Horizontal State of Charge DisplayRed LED horizontal display is easy to readFar right indicates batteries are fully charged, far left indicates a total dischargeMounting surface has two pre-drilled holes for easy recessed installation in an

Item#: 461

Reliance 36-Volt Digital Charge Meter (Universal Fit)

At-a-glance Status of your battery packs remaining charge, so you know when it is time to plug inFeatures:Works on 36-Volt electric golf cars

Item#: 13-035

Curtis 36-Volt Battery Charge Indicator (Universal Fit)

State of charge meter, 36-volt digital, vertical. Battery "Fuel Gauge" indicates state-of-charge in 10-bar LED display. Solid-state, easy to install includes mounting hardware; 1-7/8 inch long, 1 inch wide, ideal for golf cars. Shows state of charge on a

Item#: 301

Reliance 48-Volt Digital Charge Meter (Universal Fit)

At-a-glance Status of your battery packs remaining charge, so you know when it is time to plug inFeatures:Works on 48-Volt electric golf cars

Item#: 13-036

Universal Battery Minder for All 48-Volt Systems

Universal Battery Minder All 48-Volt SystemsMaintainer/desulfator extend the run-time, range and performance of new and older batteries considerably longer that standard chargers, ensuring that your batteries stay fully charged and free of sulphate for mo

Item#: 8946
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Battery De-mister 12oz Bottle

The battery De-Mister can increase the life span of your battery up to 3x! This patented battery oil greatly reduces water consumption, eliminates corrosion, increases the battery recharge time and gives you better temperature efficiency! This is the perf

Item#: 14566

Battery Water Fill Bottle

Easy to use - just remove each battery's cell cap, fill, then replace cap. The Nozzle's design helps prevent spillage - water only flows when you push down on the spout. The Battery Water fill bottle has a sure-grip handle and 2-1/4 quart capacity. Note:

Item#: 2201

Adjustable Battery Carrier (Universal Fit)

Adjustable Battery Carrier.Lifts Batteries of All Sizes Use this when changing out your old batteries to new ones

Item#: 53255
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Club Car Precedent Trojan 12-Volt Battery Watering System (Fits 2004-Up)

Maintaining the water level in your golf cart batteries is a vital task, but it can also be a time-consuming hassle. With the Pro-Fill On-Board Battery Watering System, refilling batteries on an entire cart takes a minute or less! It connects to a single

Item#: 28586

36-Volt Battery Maintainer (Universal Fit)

If you let your batteries get too low or discharge completely, it can cause irreparable damage. Try the Battery Maintainer for 36-volt golf carts to prevent that problem. It's designed to keep your batteries charge maintained and ready to go at all times!

Item#: 28589

12'' Black 4-Gauge Battery Cable

4 gauge 12" presized battery cable with 5/16" eyelet terminals

Item#: 9336
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